Performers’ Profiles

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Bruce Black


Water Wise, The Magic of Conservation

The Magic of Recycling

This program uses fun and motivational magic to demonstrate the ways children can help by recycling.

The right choice

A fun magic show that teaches kids how to say “No!” and teach them how to avoid the temptations of drugs and alcohol.

The Magic of Reading

The power of reading is emphasized through this fun magic show.

Comedy Magic Show

A fun magic show that includes comedy.

One performance – $220

Two Performances – $330

Beth Carlson

Kids In Motion Dance Program

Beth Carlson is an Educator and a Dance Enthusiast. She created an after school program 42 years ago that moves from school to school and has over 1,000 low income students who attend her classes

Pricing – Call For Info

Peter Davison


Vaudville Spectacle

Artistry of a Physical comedian, dancer, and national juggling champion in a magical performance


The science and circus arts show.
One Performance – $300

Two Performances – $400

Katherine Dines



With a lively style that’s packed with participation, award-winning songwriter, recording and teaching artist Katherine Dines involves audiences of all sizes with movement, sign language, sing-alongs, zany props and more, and inspires children to dream BIG and activate their imaginations.


Katherine Dines has captivated audiences throughout the globe since 1992. She performs original and traditional songs and stories from her 11 award-winning Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta® Music CDs. Packed with participation, Katherine engages audiences of all ages with movement, story songs, sign language, sing-alongs, percussion, zany props and more, to create a uniquely entertaining and educational experience.


Same program as above, with the added fun of two amazing musicians. Ed Contreras plays a wide variety of percussive instruments from around the world, and Brian Mullins adds in his own expertise with many stringed instruments, flute and jaw harps!

Hunk•Ta•Bunk•Ta FUNsies!

New activity songs- (bounces, claps, taps and lap sit songs) especially for parents/care givers and babies 4-18 months


Parents, care-providers and their toddlers explore a host of musical activities (rhythm, sounds, finger plays, small and gross motor skills) created to help boost coordination, brain and motor development. Participants will stretch, march, hop, jump, spin, bend and crawl. Solid rhythms and simple singable lyrics will help toddlers build phonemic awareness along with pre-reading skills

Hunk•Ta•Bunk•Ta FUN!

Designed to help develop pre-literacy, small and gross motor and other learning skills, this workshop motivates minds and activates bodies of young children ages 3-6. Beginning with a short circle time warm-up, children move around and across the room to songs and rhythms and end the session with a creative cool down.

Hunk•Ta•Bunk•Ta SOUNDS!

Students listen to, try to identify and then emulate a series of unusual sounds collected and recorded from different parts of the world. An interesting array of unique musical instruments from other cultures are also demonstrated in this hands-on workshop. Can also be presented separately for older grades (4-5th) with focus on ethnic cultures, natural history and geography.

Hunk•Ta•Bunk•Ta MAKIN’ MUSIC!

Select one of 22 different instruments designed by Katherine, for students ages 3-11 to make during this workshop. Then watch as they proudly play along to an original song. (All designs use inexpensive materials and/or found or recycled objects. Complete materials list provided in advance).

Hunk•Ta•Bunk•Ta CHANTS

Students will explore history behind many interesting phrases, rhythmic chants and songs from around the globe. Presentation includes: a welcome chant (Ghana), field holler (US east coast), sea shanty (Ireland), chain gang (US south), washing day ditty (Jamaica), clapping game (Brazil) sheep-shearing (Scotland) and others.

Hunk•Ta•Bunk•Ta BULLY PROOF!

A musical program that generates greater understanding of bullies; inspires students to modify their reactions toward bullish behavior and songs and participatory activities that encourage cooperation, acceptance and kindness

Hunk•Ta•Bunk•Ta WRITE-A-SONG!

A group of students ages 5 to 12 create their own lyrics to a song and record it. In smaller groups and in longer residencies where time allows, students may write and record their own songs. If time allows, students also have the option of choreographing and performing their song. This works well for PTO events. (Song writing Study Guide provided prior to this workshop upon request).

Hunk•Ta•Bunk•Ta BOOGIE!

(Songs and chants to sing and dance from around the world)). Traditional chants from around the world and original songs that actively involve audiences with singing and movement. Multicultural and historical in focus.

Hunk•Ta•Bunk•Ta WACKY WORDS!

Students participate in an English language adventure through songs, visual props, movement, and musical activities. Pronouns, adjectives, punctuation, clichés, some Sign Language, reading, writing and more.


A lively combination of songs and music activities that are especially designed to foster self-esteem


Hunk•Ta•Bunk•Ta SENIORS!

Senior citizens get to try out their eyes, ears, hands and bodies on any of the above workshops. This is an overlooked workshop that has much to offer communities, and is also effective when presented simultaneously multi-generation ally with children.

One Performance – $375

Two Performances – $550

Paul Fiornio

Peter and The Wolf

This much loved story is re-created by your students under the direction of Paul Fiornio

One Performance – $330

Two Performances – $550

Dance In Flight

Discover the relationship of sports to ballet to choreography and how dance involves aspects of our life.

One Performance – $220

Two Performances – $330

The Marimba Trio

Percussion Around the World

Focusing on the international scope of percussion, this program traces drumming to its roots.

The organic nature of Percussion

This program uses found objects to create music and percussion using the sounds around us as inspiration.

100 years of Pikes Peak Music Making

Experience the history of the Pikes Peak Region Music.

One Performance – $395 Two Performances – $500

Connnie Martin

Published Author

Tells the magic tale, “The Quest for Eloshidii”

A Spin Around the World

Pack your bags for a spin around the world where Connie Martin spins yarns from countries like China and Japan. Choose any 2 countries for your show. K-8

The Dinosaur Dance

Connie brings this original tale to life with about a boy who finds a cave full of dinosaur bones and see’s them come to life.

One Performance – $140

Two Performances – $220

Richard Marold

Portrays Winfield Scott Stratton, Franklin D Roosevelt, and Nikola Telsa
A Visit With Johnny Appleseed
One Performance – $250
Two Performances – $300


Charles Sjolander

Musical Director and performer of original songs over 25 years.
The Gravity Show
Chicken little meets Sir Isaac Newton – objects fall from the sky – with original songs, science experiments, and more.
The Dr. Suess Show – Celebrating 100+ years
A celebration of the magic of Dr. Suess.
One Performance – $220
Two Performances – $330


John Stansfield

Veteran storyteller and performer


Victory Over Violence

This program features multiple from around the world that create alternatives to violence and bullying.

Multicultural Folktales & Ballads

Featuring multiple stories from around the world.

One Performance – $250

Two Performances – $330


Micheal Stanwood

Former musical goodwill ambassador for the U.S. State Department.
Five time winner of Westword Magazine’s Best of Denver
Sound Ideas
Lessons in Geography, Social Studies, and Languages through instruments from exotic places.
One Performance – $385
Two Performances – $715

The Tall Trees

Native American Culture
Walking In Wisdom
The Tall Trees immerse their viewers in the traditional humor and lifestyle of Native American Culture
Call For Pricing
Mark Weidhas
Inspector Magic is past president of the Society of American Magicians. 
Lobster Tails
Magical Tails to encourage good stewardship of the planet.
Survive Bully-Proof
Students are invited to play “Survivor” reality game and quickly learn that the competing tribes cant win against bully behavior, but a community working together can!
One Performance – $300
Two Performances – $480


Jesse Wilson

Communication Breakthroughs

This program encourages communication

With The Power of Theater

This program showcases theater and encourages communication.

The Night the Moon Ate My Room

A tale told by Jesse Wilson

One Performance – $375

Two Performances – $750

Face The City

Another story told by Jesse Wilson

One Performance – $440

Two Performances – $880

Beth Epley

Don’t be A Drip

Learn about the water cycle while having fun. Discover water conservation techniques through stories, silly songs and games. Explore new ways to protect our natural resources. All of the comedy is 100% biodegradable.

This program has been featured for 15 years by the city of Aurora’s water festival.

Celebrate Seuss

Come enjoy an original twist on the classic tales.

Hear a rhyme. Give a giggle. Make a move. Show a wiggle.

Help act out the stories and enjoy the crazy characterizations.

Get over your Big Bad Self

This program emphasizes anti-bullying. It is based on the HAHASO method. (Help and Assistance, Humor, Avoidance, Self Talk and Owning who you are) The stories and original songs captivate the audience and emphasize self reliance and awareness.

Stories from Many Lands

Travel around the world using your imagination as your passport.  Asia, Africa, Australia and Hawaii are some of the possible destinations. Discover History and cultures through music and the art of story telling.

Ugly Bugs

Enter the world of insects and arachnids. Dance with ants in your pants or sing along with the happy little fly.  Enjoy a contemporary spin on the Ant and the Grasshopper while we  learn about life cycles and the importance of bugs.

Belly Button Boy

This original story, influenced by Japanese culture, could be titled, “Three Kind Things”. Work ethic and kindness are taught in a whimsical way using music and strong characterization. It is a strong plot with plenty of belly laughs.

Mother Goof

Fractured fairytales abound as we venture into this Once Upon A Time. The plot twists serve as a wonderful introduction to satire. Original tales and classics are both featured with a tangible twist.

Color The Earth

These stories celebrate the earth and it’s inhabitants. Nature provides the setting. Animals, birds and fish are the characters. Respect for our planet is the underlying theme.

Fur Balls

Pets are a big part of our lives. These fun tales celebrate our furry friends and they ways they enrich our lives. Pet responsibility is emphasized as we discuss our fuzzy felines and our doggy duties.

Taste of Imagination

The sky is the limit. Beth will develop a program for any theme, concept or curriculum request. Using stories, comedy,  original and classic songs, any topic can be brought to life. Count on participation and silly fun.

Pricing – Call For Info